Proactive Water Risk Monitoring

Developed under guidance from leading water safety experts with in-depth domain knowledge, Neptune is a best-in-class, enterprise-grade water monitoring solution. The system, which is currently being utilised across both public and private sector organisations, calculates risk based on current and recent sensor measurements in order to facilitate real time risk analysis and deskill the review process.

The identification of various risk indicators allows the system to detect conditions which are prone to encouraging bacterial growth such as Legionella, thereby facilitating a proactive approach to water risk management.

Risk Score

A proprietary deterministic algorithm calculates a risk score for each asset based on current and historic sensor measurements, as well as other inputs including the asset’s condition rating. The combination of this and manually added readings allows users to easily track noncompliances in their water system, enabling the prioritisation of resources to the appropriate areas of a building or a large organisations estate saving time and money on repairs.

Alert Notification

A comprehensive range of temperature-based alerts including bacterial, freeze, and scald risk give users immediate notification in the case of risk conditions being detected. Other alerts generated by the solution alarm on low battery, and on condition of an attached sensor becoming disconnected. These can be emailed to the responsible person or maintenance staff.

Hierarchical Organisation Structure

Construct Group hierarchies of unlimited depth, mapping users onto your own organisational building management structure. This approach brings great benefits especially to organisations operating over a large estate. Access to system information is scoped to the user’s associated node on the hierarchy.

Building & Schematic Visualisation

Schematics and floor plans can be uploaded and associated with any system Group. These drawings can have the assets easily marked, thereby placing them in context of the building. This feature is especially important when devices are being installed out of sight such as behind panelling in bathrooms.

Comprehensive Point in Time Reporting

A comprehensive suite of reports showing measurements at fifteen minute resolution for each asset allow trends to be identified and serve as a full historic audit report.

Documents and Maintenance Records

Documents providing supplementary information related to an Asset such as maintenance instructions can be uploaded and associated with any Group or Asset on the system.

Manual Temperature Monitoring Entry

Manual monitoring can be logged against water system Assets that have a device attached to compare the device’s calibration. Assets not requiring real time monitoring can be registered on the system and manual temperature measurements can be recorded when required. A full audit trail of manual readings is provided including the engineer who made the reading, their notes and the date and time.

Mobile-First Approach

As a mobile first approach has been taken to software development, the Neptune web application has been optimised for a broad range of form factors including mobile, tablet and desktop. All functionality is provided via a single easy to use web application compatible with all device types, meaning there is no requirement to download and install native applications.

Multiple Communication Protocols Supported

Neptune’s proprietary network agnostic device can be configured to work with either LoRaWAN or SigFox networks to suit the customer’s preferred connectivity option. The devices also have the potential to be extended to use WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy if required.


A comprehensive API allows data captured within Neptune to be integrated with your own Facilities Software and Building Management Solutions. This gives the consumer a solution which is fully integrable with third party systems allowing for optimised visualisation across multiple systems.


All data are encrypted at rest and replicated across three data centres in order to provide high availability. The system is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018 including the GDPR legislation amendments.

Bringing benefits across your business

Reduce Exposure to Risk

Manually monitoring water exposes your organisation to risk in the timeframe between measurements. The Neptune system identifies high risk conditions as they occur thereby reducing your exposure to risk.

Increase Efficiency

Remote monitoring allows staff to reduce site visits creating various efficiencies including reducing time lost travelling to site, carbon emissions and fuel costs.

Reduce Errors

Automatically collecting sensor data reduces the chance of errors which inevitably occur with any manual entry process. 

Reduce Monotony

Automated recording frees your staff from the monotonous task of taking manual water readings and allows them to be redeployed to more interesting and productive work.

Informs Water System Design

Collation of long-term data allows localised water system design flaws to be identified, allowing improvements to be made.

Historic Reporting

Persistence of historic readings allows point-in-time data to be reported on.